Sunday, March 10, 2013

About Ocean Eiler

Ocean Eiler is a Designer, Developer, DJ and Rock Climber. He has been a photojournalist, a president of a non-profit, and, for a brief time, a piercing apprentice. Ocean's colorful background has allowed him to dabble in a lot of mediums of communication.
Currently, as the Senior Designer for PBS KIDS Digital, Ocean has molded this ambiguous title to translate to: UX design, web design, frontend development, Flash development, video editing, audio FX creation, soundscape mixing, print design, game development, mobile development and a touch of management. His teams’ work has won a variety of awards for children's media and has allowed him the opportunity to speak in educational settings about Designing for Children. 

Born from second generation Photographers, Ocean had access to a wealth of art supplies and an artistic community. This foundation set the ground work for what would follow. 

Shortly after graduating from Ohio University, with a dual degree in Interactive Multimedia & Graphic Design, he took a job in Switzerland working for Fransican's International. After a year in Switzerland where he learned how to rock climb, how not to speak French and a little PHP, Ocean returned to the States. The years since he has worked for: WOUB (a local PBS Station), Pixel & Ink, Inc. a start up in Alexandria, Virginia, Matrix Group International and finally PBS KIDS as a Web Designer / Flash Video Expert. During this time he co-founded a rock climbing stewardship non-profit called Mid Atlantic Climbers and has continued to DJ drum & bass since 1997.

Ocean Eiler's lecture will be 6 p.m., Monday, April 8 in the Design Studio.

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