Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creative Brief for the Friday workshop with Ken Carbone

The Future History of Graphic Design
Every generation of graphic designers looks back to prior innovators for inspiration. For Paul Rand it was A.M. Cassandra. For Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar it was Paul Rand. For Ken Carbone it was Chermayeff & Geismar. This cycle continues as the next generation of graphic designers learns from the innovators of today, which in turn helps shape their own careers. Presently, graphic design is enjoying an explosive level of integration into all aspects of business and culture. Opportunities are rich and multi-dimensional. There are certainly no limits to how a solid background in “design-thinking” and craft can be applied in our world today.

Who are the graphic designers of today that have the brightest future? Who is doing work that is profoundly influential, inspiring and will stand the test of time? Who will be the future history of graphic design?

Take a real, deep look at the graphic design profession today and find a designer who inspires you. Please try to look beyond the "usual suspects" that may be of an older generation. I'm looking for fresh talent! Look broadly across all channels of design, branding, publishing, advertising, interactive design, packaging, motion graphics, environmental graphics; there is exciting work being done in all categories. I would like to keep this limited to graphic design and not include other design disciplines. Do your research and find out as much as you can about your person of choice. Visit their website, read about their backgrounds, look at their portfolio and if you have time contact them and ask for some samples (PDF's) of their work for your research.

Design a poster promoting an exhibition by this designer that captures the essence of their work. I'm not looking for reproductions from their portfolio but for original interpretations of the creative spirit they embody, that you find most inspiring. This should be reflected in the image and words you use. In addition to the poster, be prepared to give a brief presentation of your research about this designer as background for your concept.

March 1: Meet Ken after his keynote address in the Design classroom. You will make a very brief 3- minute presentation of the contemporary designer you have chosen whose work inspires you (what about the work resonates with you) Create a few PPT slides with visual examples or collect the examples in a Pinterest account.

March 2: Bring pencil sketches and roughs of concepts for the poster. Bring appropriate media and laptops (or you can borrow ours). Be prepared to work for the 3 hours. Lunch will be provided.

Deadline: A critique will be held at 1:00 at the workshop on Friday March 2

Deliverable: 11" x 17" vertical poster in any media appropriate to your chosen subject.

Copy for the poster:
Exhibition dates: March 1-21 , 2013
AIGA Headquarters
164 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10010

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